Oregon Hill Wines

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Red Wines

Baco Noir — Rich fruit tones, dry.

Cabernet Sauvignon — Oak aged, dry.

Ensemble Rouge — Vinifera Blend. Lightly oaked, cherry and berry aromas, full bodied. Medium dry.

Lemberger — Oak aged, dry.

Merlot — Oak aged, dry.

Mountain Red — Predominantly Concord, very grapey taste and aroma. Medium sweet.

White Wines

Chardonnay — Dry

Diamond — Crisp, fruity, dry

Gewürztraminer — Medium

Mountain White — Our award-winning wine that has the taste of freshly picked grapes. Medium sweet

Riesling — Dry

Sussbeeren Tropfchen — “Sweet berry droplets” this Rhine-style wine has an initial sweet taste with a dry finish

Rosé and Blush Wines

Canyon Country Concord — Very grapey; sweet.

Mountain Laurel Blush — A crisp, fruity wine with the color of our state flower; Medium sweet.

Rosen Cavilier — Dessert style wine, very floral; Sweet.

Steuben — Hints of honey and citrus; Medium sweet.

Fruit Wines

Oregon Hill Fruit Wines are made from the real fruit.
NO grape wine or artificial flavors are added to our fruit wines.

Mountain Blackberry – Sweet. Made from real Blackberries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Blueberry – Sweet. Made from real Blueberries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Cherry – Sweet. Made from real Cherries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Cranberry – Sweet. Made from real Cranberries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Peach – Sweet. Made from real Peaches. No grape wine added..

Mountain Pear – Sweet. Made from real Pears. No grape wine added.

Mountain Plum – Sweet. Made from real Plums. No grape wine added.

Mountain Strawberry – Sweet. Made from real Strawberries. No grape wine added.

Strawberry Rhubarb – Sweet. Made from real Strawberries and Rhubarb. No grape wine added.

Sparkling Wines and Specialty Wines

Bubbling Mountain White — sparkling wine.

Raspberry Joli — dessert style, fortified raspberry wine.