Oregon Hill Winery Wines

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Red Wines

Baco Noir — Rich fruit tones, dry.

Cabernet Franc — Dark fruits, herbs, earthiness, dry.

Cabernet Sauvignon — Oak aged, dry.

Ensemble Rouge — Vinifera Blend. Lightly oaked, cherry and berry aromas, full bodied. Medium dry.

Lemberger — Oak aged, dry.

Merlot — Oak aged, dry.

Mountain Red — Predominantly Concord, very grapey taste and aroma. Medium sweet.

White Wines

Chardonnay — Dry

Diamond — Crisp, fruity, dry

Ensemble Blanc — Crisp honey-citrus taste, medium

Gewürztraminer — Medium

Mountain White — Our award-winning wine that has the taste of freshly picked grapes. Medium sweet

Pinot Gris — Dry

Riesling — Dry

Sussbeeren Tropfchen — “Sweet berry droplets” this Rhine-style wine has an initial sweet taste with a dry finish

Rosé and Blush Wines

Canyon Country Concord — Very grapey; sweet

Mountain Laurel Blush — A crisp, fruity wine with the color of our state flower; Medium sweet

Rosen Cavalier — Dessert style wine, very floral; Sweet

Steuben — Honey, Citrus taste. Grape wine. Medium

Fruit Wines

Oregon Hill Fruit Wines are made from the real fruit.
NO grape wine or artificial flavors are added to our fruit wines.

Mountain Apple — Oaked. Sweet. Made from real apples. No grape wine added.

Mountain Blackberry — Sweet. Made from real Blackberries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Blueberry — Sweet. Made from real blueberries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Cherry — Sweet. Made from real cherries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Cranberry — Sweet. Made from real Cranberries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Peach — Sweet. Made from real Peaches. No grape wine added.

Mountain Pear — Sweet. Made with real pears. No grape wine added.

Mountain Plum — Sweet. Made from real Plums. No grape wine added.

Mountain Raspberry — Sweet. Made from real Raspberries. No grape wine added.

Mountain Rhubarb — Semi Sweet. Made with real Rhubarb. No grape wine added.

Mountain Strawberry — Sweet. Made from real Strawberries. No grape wine added.

Strawberry Rhubarb — Sweet. Made from real Strawberries and Rhubarb. No grape wine added.

Specialty Wines

Chocolate Cherry Joli — Sweet. Dessert style wine.

Raspberry Joli — Sweet. Raspberry dessert style wine.

Mountain Honey — Sweet. Honey wine with Traminette grape wine blend.

Sparkling Sussbeeren — Semi Dry. Effervescent wine.